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Default Re: Describe the world YOU would create?

peace be upon you Khopesh,

Very nice idea for a thread, thank you.

Here is a quick look at the world God Will create;

1- Direct democracy: where the peasants rule themselves by themselves.

2- A multiracial society: The world of tommorow will be multiracial, the different races and colors will melt together, distinction will be based on belief and core values only.

3- Reverence of God: This will be the safety valve, thus instead of wasting our energies horizontally in idolizing/fighting each other, we will channel it towards God in the Heavens.

4- Restoring the meaning: Satan robs us the humans from the meaning, the world of tommorow will seek the unseen righteous meaning in everything, even in entertainment.

5- Reclaiming the markets: There will be no huge companies sucking the blood of the peasants and stealing the markets from them. We will return to the natural way of life, small markets, small communities, fair trade between equals, and most of all only productive businesses will be allowed.

6- Love your neighbor: The world of tommorow will see a return to the family values, the society will be a one big family gathered around one belief, the family role will be back again preventing the society from the moral breakdown we are seeing today.

To sum it up, when the people submit to the one god, when they realize that no creature has any power on its own, when they think before they act, when they observe God in each action, when they fear Him instead of the people, when they humble themselves and stop acting like arrogant gods, when they live in dignity instead of humiliating themselves by seeking power in the creatures. When all of this happen, the kingdom of Heaven will be fulfilled.

God\'s alternative, USN

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