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Default Re: How The ORANGE Order Run the World

Let me guess; Those who say they are JEWS, but do lie?

What about those who say they are NOT Jews but do lie?

What about the rest of the squabbling "FAMILY"?

Among Israel, Biblically, you have smooth, hairy, brown, white, big and strong, small and weak, and all mixed in the same families.

It was never the look, colour, strength, intelligence etc. that separated people, untill relatively recent human history, but the SPIRIT.

And brothers of the same fathers, have been each others biggest rivals, throughout all time.

Lucifer, Christ
Cain, Able
Ishmael, Issac
Esau (hairy Red haired), Jacob (Israel),
so why is it the 'Scots', those hairy red haired people always bitching about how their ruling rights are stolen, while they scatter themselves all over the world stiring the shit pot, never make it on the "Blame List" with the Jews, Arabs, Blacks and Whites?

Esau got well robbed, of THE Crown. You don't think that family ever went, "Oh well, that's forgotten."?

Where ever there is war and strife in the world, you'll find a Scots/Frenchman, plotting in the back rooms.

Have you looked at just how many Scots run the UK?

But it's hard enough to follow the mix of families from Noah to Jacob, let alone ALL the countless mixing and mingling of all 'blood' to today, so folk will always throw, "Yeah but's", at any association you name, as they rightly should, because even more so now, it's the SPIRIT of the man that's Called Out, not the land, colour or anything else he was born to.

But still, family lines do have pre-dispositions to certain traits along with "Traditions" to encourage them, and The Orange Order is the baby of those 'mighty, red haired, hunters'.

The Knights of Malta

Popish Knights

The Irish Knights of Malta is the next step of advancement from the Independent Orange Institution. In fact, in Ireland one can only progress to the Knights of Malta via this organisation. This so-called Protestant Order developed from the papist Scottish Knights of Malta, which in turn has its origins in the papal inspired crusades of the dark ages as the Knights of St.John of Jerusalem. Today it shares many of the same heathenish practises as Templarism worldwide.

Most of the leadership of the Independent Orange Institution are members of this mystical fraternity. The Scottish Knights of Malta in essence is a product of an extreme form of Romanism and occult practice.

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