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Post Re: new world order (commandments)

there is no TRUE CONSERVATIVES in the Ruling elite class of America, get it right, Conservatism, is different in America it seems to your country Ozzie, a true conservative politian is against all those things you mentioned, there are politicians who are social conservatives, and liberal on fiscal economics, there are conservatives who are fiscal conservatives, but liberal on social programs, and then there are 'far right wing nuts' which you seem to think are the corrupt element of conservatism, that's not right, most FAR RIGHT WING NUTS, your term used, are opposed to the NWO, OPPOSED TO ABORTION, AND GUN CONTROL, AND AGAINST liberal economics, most are protectionists, and anti-free trade nation destroying policies.
Conservtive is just a label nothing more its relative to the values of the economic orthodoxy of the system, one lives in. In the US you live in a very liberal/libertarian system/society interms of economics also moral social values, pluralism you call it!.
This is the same in most western anglo origin nations overall , so conservative in that context only means to conserve those liberal values.
As we all should all know by now liberal values are the polar opposites of the Ten Commandments and christian morality. As for rightwingers and the degrees of the right political spectrum i would have to agree with BA on this occasion their all really one in the same to me. I use to think differently a fews years ago however recent facts and experiences have changed my mind on this.
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