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Default Re: new world order (commandments)

The One Will Come(He is that He is) you shall have no other Gods before him, not even Jesus! Believe in Jesus all ya want, but if he comes first, you have insulted all of the other children of God and Violated Gods word.Peace comes when the Christian do-gooders stfu and realize that if they are so saved they would shut their mouths and pray silently for those that they feel are unsaved. We all do not have to be blind in our hopes as the Christians are. Judging others is a violation of the standard they preach, thus the preaching Christian becomes a hypocrite! When EYE for an EYE becomes the rule of thumb(Jewish standard), those who seek revenge will bludgeon both eyes of the violators (christians)who blasheme God! Put your dukes up! This can go to the 15th round, but those throwing low blows only stand to lose.
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