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Default Re: 9/11 Imcriminating evidence

I think we must understand the mason to find the whole truth.
1) Masons thrive on war even against each other.
2) Terrorists were started by the KGB during the cold war.
3) Communism was founded after Lennon and Marx were tapped into freemasonry. By Euoropean Masons not American.
4) After the fall of the Soviet Union the KGB did not fall off the earth they went into hiding. Some I believe went to Islamic nations.
5) During the cold war a mason named Angleton ran the CIA. He was out spied by the Soviet masons
6) Angleton was paranoid and thought every Soviet that tried to defect was a spy
7) This changed when a man named Henry David Blee took over (and Blee was not a mason)

I tried to google Angleton and Blee but my computer has been virused and I can't find the web page on this story anymore so please google Angleton Blee and see for yourself.

I have taken the name Blee in honor of this man.

When I was a child my father had an insurance business in Pittsburgh. He would often take business trips to Washington DC and some city in VA telling mom he was going to the home office. I found later the insurance company did not have a home office in either city (I forget the name of the city, no it wasn't Langly) I met many wondefuly non descript men. Some were masons some were not. It was the non masons that blew the whistle about my being molested. I know the CIA has mosonic symbols and was founded by masons. But here is proof that they are not all mosons and please don't hold this against the brave men and woman that work there and risk their very lives to keep us safe.
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