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Default Re: Science and medicine refuse to acknowledge cures.

You deleted the post to EE about the double blind study.

Double and Triple blind studies are useless because cures require knowledge so someone has to know what the heck they are doing. Cures does not have products or treatments which is what double and triple blind studies study.

True Cures is not placebo, as I explained above you must actually do something if you want a cure.

It seems like you just called me a quack anyway. Each one of your organs and glands has a purpose or even multiple purposes. You may think it is a far stretch to activate a gland or an organ but it is because you have not given it any consideration. Take a deep breath. You just commanded your lungs. When you sit on the toilet, guess what you command your organs. Again these are things you learned how to control and access at will but no one is teaching anyone how to command the glands and organs making up the immune system.
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