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Default Re: Science and medicine refuse to acknowledge cures.

Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
truecures said:

"Really what in the wide wide world makes anyone think the CURE everyone is searching for can be passed on over the Internet?"

You did when you asked.

Should I fly to you; should you fly to me or should I provide the cure over the computer?

When one pays you the sum of $5,000.00 and they come to you or you come to them, what is it that you do exactly to cure their dis-ease?

Re-train their immune system or place your hand on their head and command the dis-ease to leave their body.

How may people have you cured of a dis-ease in one to two weeks after receiving the sum of $5,000.00?
I have never billed anyone in my life for a cure. Until today I was on a donation only basis.

When someone wants me to help them cure themselves I do for them the same thing I do to myself. I don't touch myself. Touch has nothing to do with anything. To confirm, I touch but that is not what activates the cures. I feel I made it clear that the cure isn't instant and I there is no hamana hamana "I command the disease to leave your body". If you command your bowels to relax they relax when you learn to command your body to attack it will attack. It will do it just as it is designed to do, no spiritual hamana hamana at all. However you learned how to control your bowels when you were potty trained so commanding your other organs and glands take some minimal training as well.

Most people I see are cured in less than a week. Everyone I see is cured in less than two weeks. As I said I have never been paid to cure anyone. I very seldom get more than a thanks when I help someone cure a disease or multiple diseases. This is because the people who see me are often desperate because they are poor. The more money a person has the more options they have. Rich people do not search the internet for cures, there rich doctor friends and relatives are the ones who get their attention.

As I said earlier, the $5000 came under a page called New Fees for 2010. Before today all I had was the donation page. You will have a difficult time finding any one of the 300 clients I saw in 2009 who paid me in the form of donation. People are lazy and selfish that is why you are unaware of cures right now. When I cures someone for free they take the cure and run. My fee system is designed so people can no longer take the cure and run. If I work on someone for free they are at least going to make an effort to help others be cured.
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