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Default Re: Joe Vialls' website

TLH...USS Sanfrancisco?
--------------------------------------------------- is something to consider.

We were shown footage of the 9.0 whatever MASSIVE earthquake that tripped off the tsunami. A town in ACHE...the province closest to the epicenter. A large loudspeaker fell over and the people looked worried and the ground shook a bit. I saw that myself and twigged but made no connection till Vialls brought it up.

A 9.0 earthquake and LITERALLY NO damage?

HUGE tsunami followed.

Then a few days later...or was it weeks? Another earthquake...much smaller and it causes massive damage?


I am willing to entertain Vialls on this one.

We all saw those Towers come down in NY. My mind told me controlled demolition but it seemed impossible to explain how THEY could have pulled it off...SOMEONE WOULD SPEAK! Pleanty have and we now know different.

The same will come from the tsunami.

People CANNOT make the next they bend and twist their logic to make the data fit. Plenty od scientists saw the data in the West and simply rubbed their forheads and forgot about it.

Those in India and in the region generally have not been so ignorent. They know what the Anglo/American allience is capable of.
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