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Default Destroying The Village 'To Save It'

This tortured phrase was the key concept that became the driving force behind our failed military invasion of Vietnam. Today it is rapidly becoming the mantra that underlies the Bailout/Rescue/ Implosion of what was once the basis for US and global financial policies. The reason for turning to this moronic concept was to destroy the global economic system: What is being done now was never intended to "save" it.

The numbers continue to pour in concerning what is actually being done to supposedly 'right the economy,' yet there is one glaring common denominator in everything.

Layoffs, downsizing, or outsourcing are the rulers of the minute, the hour, the day, the week and apparently this will last for years. From Yahoo to automotive manufacturing, from retail stores that continue to drop like flies, to virtually every aspect of local, city and state governments as well as well as the federal government; the money-changers continue to poison every corner of the world we once enjoyed.
The Movement: Destroying The Village 'To Save It'

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