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Default Re: New Flu Spreading Like Wildfire

It's not hard to connect the dots, here. If you've been watching the news, you should have gotten the same feeling as I have, which is, "What? This makes no sense." For every report that makes you go, "hmmm..." you have your answer. Why is the govt. freaking out over a seemingly harmless flu? Answer: it's not harmless. Why are schools being shut down for the flu? Because the govt. knows something the public doesn't. Why are they dying in Mexico, and not here in the US? Answer: No one has died in the US....YET. The govt. knows and has said that US deaths are "imminent." How would they know that? They know because of what is happening in Mexico.


In March there was an unusually high spike of flu cases in Mexico, but they thought it was just a late spike in the "normal" flu season. Those people got sick, then got better....(sound familiar?).

Fast forward a few weeks, maybe a month. Those same people who got sick and then got sick AGAIN...only this time the illness was much stronger, and people started to die.

Jump back to two years ago, when the avian flu was a huge scare that petered out, and the WHO invented a new "scale" for outbreaks....

Jump back to the present, where we know the virus contains both bird AND pig dna....a.k.a. the avian flu DID mutate, infected pigs, mutated again, infected humans and became a contained strain within the human race.

In other words, this virus has shown the ability to mutate not once, not twice, but three separate times....beginning two years ago...avian flu it's swine flu, H1NI....and the WHO is scared to death, because they have admitted they've never seen anything like this before...

Not only does it mutate to infect humans, it also mutates inside our bodies, laying dormant at first, so we seem to get better....then a few weeks to a month later, we get sick again, only THIS time it is fatal. That is why they are dying in Mexico, and not here in the US. The Mexico deaths are the SECOND phase of the illness.

How did the US come up with a positive test for swine flu so quickly? How did they implement the written directions, ship the hundreds of thousands of extra viles, swabs and instructions to every doctor's clinic in the US so quickly? Think about it.

Why are they telling anyone with a fever to get tested? Every person that tests positive for this flu goes on a list that is sent to the CDC, WHO and local govt. They are cataloguing these people. If you test positive, they know your name, address, social security # and everything else about you. AND they know that in a month or less, even though you seem to have recovered, you will be dead.

If I am right, the people who have tested positive already, who seem to be "getting better," will get sick again in the next few weeks, and they will begin to die....if I'm right about the govt. already knowing about the two-step process of this illness, they will begin to quietly round up these infected people in the next few weeks, and quarantine them.

If I'm wrong....I look stupid....but if you ask the simple questions, follow the timeline and really look at how events have unfolded the last two years, and specifically the last two's not that hard to come up with my theory.....

When you are watching the news and you get a feeling while listening to these reports that something just doesn't jive, doesn't make sense...listen to that feeling. It is your mind seeing the holes in these reports and latching onto them....

lastly, there is something to do with the whole fever of 101.5....that's an odd number, very specific....there's something there as well....maybe the virus cannot mutate unless it incubates at that temp or higher?

There are a lot of holes in the news only have to follow the bread crumbs backwards to see what I'm seeing. Look for yourself.....

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