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Default Public Proclamation June 11, 2005

Public Proclamation

by Emperor_1009

WHEREAS, the true meaning of Sovereignty is justice; equity; rightful rule; vindication of integrity; perception of motives; fair exchange; honest relationships; good measure and balanced reaction, and

WHEREAS, the end of Sovereignty is the end of the Human Enterprise, and

WHEREAS, Britain, the United States and Israel have conspired to create a “New World Order”, and

WHEREAS, part of this plan to create a “New World Order” includes the elimination of the idea of a sovereign nation state, and

WHEREAS, Britain, the United States and Israel have abused their sovereign relationships among the community of nations, and

WHEREAS, the mass media outlets in Britain, the United States and Israel have conspired to forsake the public trust and have allowed themselves to be used as instruments of mass deception and social control, and

WHEREAS, government is a sacred trust of the people, and allowing a breach of the public trust as demonstrated by the behavior of the collective media in these nations is evidence of a breach of the sacred trust of government, and

WHEREAS, the United States
is a creation of the British Empire, and

WHEREAS, Israel is a creation of the British Empire, and

WHEREAS, Queen Elizabeth was not coronated on Britains’ Coronation Stone, the Lia Fail, and

WHEREAS, the failure of Queen Elizabeth to be coronated on the Lia Fail signifies that she understood that she was only to be a temporary monarch, and

WHEREAS, no nation is responsible to itself alone, and

WHEREAS, no monarch is responsible to himself or herself alone, and

WHEREAS, the laws of political morality are universal; and obedience to such laws is incumbent upon all nations who would sustain their own sovereign relationships with other nations, and

WHEREAS, the Arthurian Legend is universally known in Britain and widely known by people around the world, and

WHEREAS, consistent within the Arthurian tradition is the assertion that Arthur will come again, and

WHEREAS, according to Legend, the Once and Future King of Britain may only be awakened in the time of Britains’ greatest need, and

WHEREAS, the return of Arthur is a prophesied event which can happen at the changing tides of time, at the turning of the aeons, and

WHEREAS, the return of Arthur can happen, has happened and will happen within the circles of eternity, and

WHEREAS, time is not what we have understood it to be, and

WHEREAS, the ways of regeneration are wonderful and mysterious to us,

THEREFORE, I call on the unjust, inequitable governments of Britain, the United States, and Israel to be dissolved and replaced by the Imperial government of Emperor 1009. I call for the creation of a new national bureau, the National Media Enterprise, to restore public trust in the professional standards of the mass media in Britain, the United States, and Israel.


Emperor 1009
June 11, 2005

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