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Default Re: Public Proclamation June 11, 2005

............enough so that I can distribute the wealth evenly throughout the world?

Yes and no. Credit is like a rubber band. Stretch it out too far and it's liable to snap.
Currency has always been in the purview of the monarch or sovereign. In England they called their coins "sovereigns". It could be an International "currency" if the "sovereign" had that kind of "currency". (I am referring to a kind of credibility; as a figure of speech)
I am concerned about a currency crash here in the United States. You should be too. There exists a new media- 3" DVDs that could be encrypted (foiling counterfeiters); on the other side of the DVD could be printed 'The Imperial Government Of Emperor 1009'. They cost about a $1 to make. The video (only about 5 minutes long)could be the monarch on horseback riding the Royal Mile to the Coronation Ceremony with streets lined with cheering onlookers. :-D

Easily worth ten bucks. haha

Think I'm kidding? I've already decided on the soundtrack!

I represent my own Kingdom. That is the meaning of the word. Do you mean do I serve the King of Kings? Is that what you mean? The answer is an unequivocal yes.

I built a Temple in my back yard, just in case there would be any confusion on that point.

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