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BlueAngel wrote:
I quoted it. Guess you don't read!!!
You quoted an article which had many references about paedophilia, but only one direct
quote highlighted from Rant which spoke of adolescents. Greek adolescents presumably existing
a millenium or two in the past. I guess you didn't understand what you read.

Adolescent- A young person who has undergone puberty but who has not reached full maturity; a teenager.
Word History: The adolescent grows up to become the adult. The words adolescent and adult ultimately come from forms of the same Latin word, adol scere, adol ns, from which adolescent derives, means “growing up,” while the past participle adultus, the source of adult, means “grown up.” Appropriately enough, adolescent, first recorded in English in a work written perhaps in 1440, seems to have come into the language before adult, first recorded in a work published in 1531.
Add in the fact that the article was hosted by a web news service that had at least 4 of their 8 highlight news stories of the day, in the right hand side bar of the page, clearly anti homosexual in nature, and you'll understand why I find the article poorly written to begin with, and in a certain unflattering phobic light.

BlueAngel wrote:
Hey Nex,

Why are you defending pedophiles?????????
I'm defending the sanctity of one's written word, as it's moulded into something else by others. I find paedophilia disgusting, but I find witch hunts and phobias revolting.

If this Rind did in fact go further than adolescents having sex, or even imply more, then I'd attack his work with as much zeal as you attack me. In the meantime, barring any "proof", if a scenario of sexually matured human beings having sex in ancient Greece is all you have, may I suggest you're a poor excuse for a human being, and someone I wouldn't allow my children to know.

Draken wrote:
BlueAngel, THANK YOU.

When I meet idiots like Nex I try ONCE to argue, then I switch off. It's a waste of time.

And before you even answer, Nex, with some remark of "oh thank you, your arguments are so bad you have to resort to insults" I say this: I don't say you're an idiot to insult you. I say you're an idiot because that's the truth. It's fact and you just proved it.
There doesn't appear to be a whole lack of proof anywhere in this thread, aside from an isolated Rind quote, and a dictionary quote relating directly to Rind's quote. If you want to go that "proof" route. Funny how Rind is obliged to present his findings in Empirical evidence form, aka research paper, and have it presented to his peers to be gone over with a fine tooth academic comb, yet any joe blow on the street can take an excerpt of his work and wax "evil" about it with no proof, then have a number of kling on joe blows quote joe blow number 1, and call it fact/truth.

BlueAngel is right; you're obviously not capable to put two and two together and realise implications resulting thereof.
Teenage sex=babies being molested then?

Obviously I don't have your high levels of intellectual prowess, and reasoning skills.

The study quoted said that young children not even a year old were capable of a pleasurable sexual experience. So in the opinion of the scientists children as young as that were "proven" to be sexually mature, and therefore the words "sex between two sexually mature people" was in this way twisted to be made "true".
Kinsey was quoted by the e-news people in the article, but I didn't see Rind quote Kinsey in the article, which is supposed to be revealing Rind's alleged research and findings, allegedly purporting paedophilia as a mentoring process. In fact, the word was Pedastry, not paedophilia. The only twisting which has happened thus far is in the yellow journalism of the article writers, hosted by a homophobic online news source, and commented on by a number of conspiracy forum homophobes and arm chair crusaders.

This is typical euphemistic corruption of words so that you can twist any word to mean exactly the opposite of its true meaning.
I agree. Quote Rind about his work, briefly, then throw in another unrelated academic with strong non traditional or culturally/religiously rejected premises, and paint Rind as a paedophilic with the same brush.

Tar, feather, and send squawking, right Ichabod? :roll:

But why am I wasting energy explaining this to you?
Because you're wrong, and you know it deep down inside.

Actually, I am NOT open-minded.
We've already ascertained this.

I know evil and stupidity when I see it.
My monitor isn't a big reflective mirror, but we see eye to eye on this, for sure.

Paedophilia is evil.
Yes, it's wrong. No argument here. It breaks natural law, common sense, and many cultural and religious taboos

You are stupid.
Coming from you, I'm eternally grateful for your generosity in this matter.

I'm not interested in your opinion, so don't bother answering.
Interested enough to state your shakey opinions, but not interested enough to have the rug pulled out from under their feet?

Yes, the world is in fact flat. Now shush. :roll:
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