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Default Re: Repent, Pat Robertson or Face Judgement!

I Like Chuck Milser a lot. I have seen his video on this subject.

Yes there is a view by some theologians that demons where attempting to control and manipulate mans DNA. Some go to seed on this though in my view. They preach a serpent seed doctrine I dont agree with. Undoubtedly the whole human race was heaviy demon controlled through possession and yes Noah was preserved to ensure a pure line for Christ, which when you think about it could imply that he and his family where the last and only uncorrupted (genetically) human beings left ; certainly He was the only one with faith in God left, that we know.

One thing I cant quite grasp is the nephalim Giants, if angles/demons can not reproduce, how on earth and what on earth where these creatures, some say it was the result of Demons sleepng with woman. Im not convinced of that, but it seems the only plausible answer. Well plausible only if scripture wasn't very clear that angels and demons can not and do not reproduce, each angel was created individually, it is thought that heaven is filled with Innumerable amounts of angels. WOW. trliions and trillions x trillions. Im a big fan of William Cooper, I read Behold A pale Horse latley, Im still not convince that the UFO and alien abduction stuff is not intentionally created disinformation propoganda. Cooper suggests that UFO craft are built by the US governments. But he gives all view points.

I learned recently from a book expounding scripture that heaven is 2.6 trillion cubic miles, 15 x the size of the earth, one level alone would hold the entire population of humans that ever lived, possibly 40 billion.

I have another theory regarding the end times too. I only arrived at it recently, like last week. Consider in the days of Noah, ther was no faith on earth bar one man, smae thing with Lot in Sodom and Gomrah, the Lord Jesus says "when I return will I find faith on the earth?"

This leads me to theorize that as of right now, we are not exactly "as in the days of Noah" simply because there a lot of born again Christian believers on the earth at this point in time. It is my thought that we may well be centuries way from the rapture of the Church. Unless of course something is done to eradicate the christian faith drastically, which of course could happen sooner. Hitler accomplished this in his nation, perhaps the anti-Christ will accomplish it world wide. Do you know if their is any mention in scrpiture as to the number of people who are raptured??? We know it is the Church, not sure if we know a quantity. Obviously it's only a theory of mine I could be quite wrong. Still, Im only 43 my son is 16 months old, I would like to think both of our generations will live a full life on this earth.

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