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Default Re: 7/7 Bombings Final Word: Her Majesty's Terrorist Network

Dren wrote:
after fighting for the olympics as long as we did
do you seriously believe they would blow up the transport system the next day

here's a reality check

if a government was involved it was france they had a bitter pill to swallow funny how chirac made a point of signing the book of condolences way before the other leaders a touch of guilt perhaps or maybe bush wanted us to forget about G8 so he could wriggle out of it again

To alter the brain chemistry of the masses is their goal and they have been successful in accomplishing this endeavor through many decades of orchestrated trauma-based events in America and abroad.

Again, they studied the effects of trauma in their mind control programs using unwitting and unwilling citizens at home and abroad.

Not to mention the prescription drugs they sell to us on a daily basis which we find out years later only contributed to our death or debilitated us further.

We are guinea pigs!!

To make the "people" sick psychologically, mentally and emotionally is to weaken a society and, therefore, causes a transference of power from US to them!!

We are indebted to them financially and will be for the rest of our lives until and when the right to coin money is restored to Congress!!

Again, they have enslaved us through technology and a lifestyle of working 24/7 and a breakdown of families, moral values, etc. which leaves the people without the time to voice their dissatisfaction with our government. If we do, we are referred to as "traitors" when the real "traitors," those who have allegiance only to the bankers occupy some of the most distinguished positions within our government and military.

Every unscrupulous act they commit runs off their backs like a duck in water.

The world is not what it seems. The bankers own everyone and everything!!

They have silenced a nation!!
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