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Default US Military in Paraguay

That's the way they do it...there is always a corrupt elite eager to receive money from the US tto betray their own nation. The US never liked the Mercosur. They want South America into the FTTA, under their control. Maybe the base is a way to get into Bolivia, which is leaning towards the left.
Paraguay is a hole of corruption. Even the President was caught driving a BMW stolen from Brazil. The police there license stolen cars even when they know they have been brought from Brazil. They let all kinds of smugglers bring Chinese stuff and then send them over the border to sell in Brazil. They counterfeit cigarettes, don't pay any taxes and smuggle them to Brazil.
Brazil has beared with it for too long, because of "good neighborhood" policies. Now they sell themselves out of the Mercosur and into the arms of the US. Nice neighbors, indeed.

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