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Default Re: Who is the Real Enemy ?

Peace Kinergy,

Actually you are missing 99% of them!.
His minions are all the untruthfull people on earth. All those who LET their Jinn companions take over their minds and bodies without resisting.
The body and mind of the Human being is designed by God to be controlled by the Human soul, however the majority give in to the domineering Jinn companions who are more on the side of Satan (they use us to gratify their sinful pleasures like Marrionete) thus what they project are not their realselves but their Jinn companions, these Jinn-controlled people are more dead than alive (God calls them the Liars).
They are those who feel driven, out of control most of the time (if you read some interviews with Ted Bundy, you may notice how he gradually gave in to his companion's control, untill his real self completely vanished underneath).
Nobody can kill his brother in humanity in cold blood (without being controlled by his devilish Jinn companion)
Nobody can enslave his brother in humanity except those controlled by their Jinn companions, they perfectly demonstrate the scene when Satan said to God (I am better than Adam).

You can recognize them from their arrogant, robotic, emotionless, theatrical way of talking. Some can recognize them just from their looks.
To focus on only the categories you mentioned , serves a satanic cause,and cover up on the subtle controllers, manipulators, liars all around us.

[47:30] If we will, we can expose them for you, so that you can recognize them just by looking at them. However, you can recognize them by the way they talk. GOD is fully aware of all your works.
God\'s alternative, USN

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