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Default Re: New Oz Film - Depleted Uranium Is Genocide "Blowin' In the Wind"

I must confess I would be shocked if it is a matter of official policy to use DU in Oz weapons systems.

I will have to reserve judgement till i see the film.

It is simply something that could not be covered up for long with the big mouths those in the Oz military have.

There would be hell to pay with this issue in Oz. We may be fat and lazy and watch sport as opposed to playing it but I can gaurantee the shit will fly on that one.

The ACTUAL benefits of DU are small in penetrative capability as compared to tungsten carbide. But it's dirt cheap and leaves a nice modern day version of "salting the Earth" as espoused by the good Romans who brought so many good things to the barbrians.

KOPESHE...i'm pretty sure the Eurocopter uses the same small shaped charge ammo as the Apache and not DU. That 30mm is amazing btw...effective out to 8000m!

Must get one for the roo's on Granpa's farm.
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