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Default Re: Lucifer and the number 33

Originally Posted by Ban Freekmasons View Post
FACT, Lucifer is the pretender/transgender god of freemasonry, he is also known as "Lucy the Shirt-lifter".
LOL! Lucifer is not the "god of freemasonry" and according to who is Lucifer known as either "Lucy" or "Shirt-lifter" (or any variation)? What "authority" has given such a name to the Babylonian King?

FM means Freemason and ESM means Eastern Star Mason.
Actually OES would be a more appropriate acronym to use for the Eastern Star. Nor do we use the phrase "Eastern Star Mason"; that is an improper use of both groups. Masons who join the Eastern Star are not called "ESM", they are referred to as members of the Eastern Star. Women are not considered "Masons" for joining the Eastern Star either. The Eastern Star is a Masonic affiliated and supported group, but the title "Mason" is not used in it as a title.

You should research "The Order of the Eastern Star" (supposedly the women's branch of Freemasonry).
It is a co-ed group, but the women reign and preside.

ESM does not tell you that men are allowed to join, they also use their brainwashed children (as young as 7) to carry out Psy-Ops (psychological operations).
If you look at any Eastern Star website they freely and openly say the requirements for membership. The fact that men can join is not something that is ever hidden.

Don't forget to research the evil Catholic branches of Freemasonry "The Knights of Malta" or "The Knights of Columba".
The Masonic Knights of Malta is a different organization than the Knights of Malta under the control of the Catholic Church; they are not the same groups. Two different organizations, two different rituals, and two different hierarchies/leadership structures.

The group name "Order/Knights of Malta" is not copyrighted or trademarked so anyone can, and does, use it. This is just like the names "Freemasonry" and "Knights Templar". Just because one group uses the name "Malta" doesn't mean another group with a similar name is the same.

In American Freemasonry the Knights of Malta falls under the authority of the Commandery of the Knights Templar, and as Commander of my Commandery I am automatically considered the Prior of the Priory of the Knights of Malta.

Every member has sworn an oath to protect all masonic pedophiles, murderers and drug dealers.
No, we're not. If you have evidence to the contrary please post it.

The Eastern Star Masons are the biggest, organised gang of criminals on this planet and all controlled and orchestrated by the satanic elite.
You've dragged elements of the York Rite, Scottish Rite, Scottish Masonry, American Masonry, and British Masonry through the dirt, I guess its time for the Eastern Star. Silly rabbit.

All you have to do is research "Bohemian Grove" where the world leaders (men only invited) go there to bend over.
The Bohemian Grove is not affiliated with Freemasonry nor the Eastern Star.

I previously told you Lucy (aka Luci or Lu) was kicked out of Heaven for being a deranged gay lord (I do not hate gays).
No he wasn't, Lucifer wasn't kicked out of Heaven, he was a Babylonian King. Nor was Satan kicked out of heaven for being gay.

Blue is the primary colour of criminal freemasonry.
Blue is the color of fidelity and loyalty. There's nothing criminal about us or our color use.

Your rantings haven't become any more logical or rational. Not every little thing is Masonic.

See how they managed to get LU involved?. I know two masonic families with a cat called Lulu.
You probably don't, but regardless, so what?

The despicable sneaky masons have murdered millions over the centuries.
No we haven't, but you won't even try to prove it.

To Mr FM or Mrs ESM, I do not hate you. I am telling you to repent or lament.
Why? Your deranged perceptions are not indicative of anything real.

All you have to do is legally fight for transparency (open their closed doors), you MUST record everything.
Well, you can't trespass onto our property so you can fight for transparency all day long.

They can record you but the FMs will refuse or try very hard to stop you from recording them.
We don't record anyone. You're not that important.

How are you going to record. You'd have to stay off of our private property and you cannot harass're going rogue and going to say that the ends justify the means.

Ya'll can come and try to record me all day long. I could care less, but I will protect my person and property against any unlawful invasion or assault.
"Quia tu lucerna mea Domine et Domine inluminabis tenebras meas."
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