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Default Re: I hope Lynn stays

The thought police can think what the fuck they like.

After reading each and every post on this site, as well as many countless links, I am so fucked off with the world in general, I don't give a shit what they "think" they might to do me.

Bring it on!

I don't dance with the devil and I'll kick 'em in the nuts everytime.

The sooner I leave this God-forsaken shithole the better. I am only sticking around to raise my kids and having a lot of fun doing that, I might add.

If I didn't have children I WOULD BE A TERRORIST; mark my words. The kids are the only thing that stops me and I am clever enough to pull off mad shit. The powers that be are lucky I am a mum. May that never change, for their sakes.

How is that for politically fucking correct?

Mary XXX
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