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Default Re: Who is the Real Enemy ?

Okay, the devil as you know, is incapable of having a guilty conscience. The only thing he loves is killing off all humanity because he knows how entirely futile it is to attack God directly- hence, destroying humanity is attacking God indirectly.
I speculate whether it goes further than that. After studying these issues for the last several years, I am formulating a rudimentary hypothesis that goes something like this:
Satan is a negative spiritual entiity who feeds on the evil that he creates. That's why he creates it. God is just the opposite, as Jesus said, "God is a spirit, and those who worship him must do so in spirit and in truth." Therefore God's power is increased through good, positive, loving spiritual enrgies, and Satan's powers are increased by evil, negative, hateful thoughts, feelings and actions.
Remember the old episode of Star Trek about the alien life force that hijacked the Enterprise and a Klingon spaceship and forced them both to battle each other, just so it could feed off the negative emotions generated? And Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock finally reasoned that the only way to defeat the alien was to suppress all negative thoughts and emotions and replace them with positive ones?
If you try to study this NWO/Illuminati conundrum from a secular or non-spiritual standpoint, it does not add up logically. For instance, why such a long, drawn-out process of establishing global hegemony? Couldn't the one world government have already been instituted if the full force of the Illuminati and its satanic cohorts had been exerted behind any one of the world's evil dictators, like Hitler or Stalin? Why this continuous cat and mouse game, the relentless give and take of the Hegleian dialectics pursued time and time again in an almost perpetual system of universal conflict. Why not just get it over with?
Answer: Because then there would be a decrease in the total negative spiritual energy generated in the world. The relative stasis of one totalitarian hierarchy in global control, no matter how evil and sadistic that regime might be, would actually lower the total amount of conflict, contention and overall negative spirituality; therefore, this would weaken Satan, so he protracts the suffering as long as possible to extract as much as he can from it.
This hypothesis also explains why ultimately good must triumph over evil, because the former is self-sustaining while the latter is self-destructive. Predators often make themselves extinct by overhunting their own prey, whereas symbiotic relationships enable lifeforms to survive and prosper indefinitely.
Ergo, as the Bible tells us, just at the peak of the world's greatest evil and crisis (Armageddon), then it is logical that Satan's fate is already sealed by virture of the fact that his spiritual energy has peaked and can only decrease from this point on. This is also the juncture when one can expect God to intervene, taking advantage of Satan's weakness.
In short, I have arrived at the following tentative conclusions:

1)The nature of the Illuminati/NWO conspiracy proves that none other than Satan himself is at the head of it.

2)Satan's strength is also his weakness.

3)The best way to defeat these evil forces is to resist "feeding the bear" any more than necessary. (Perhaps this is where Ahmad's "submission theology" comes into play.)
Or as Jesus said, once again, "Resist not evil, but overcome evil with good." No matter how difficult the challenge, whenever we generate positive spirtual energy, unconditional love, forgiveness, and tolerance, we weaken the enemy. We literally starve it out.

"Good is better than evil, because it's nicer."
Mammy Yoakum
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