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Default Re: Who is the Real Enemy ?

What if Satan is just one of the bloodlines of alien races of beings that have other motives for instilling the need for us humanoids to gather into one location gold and precious stones?.. Perhaps humanity is just an ant farm.. Where we are programmed to gather the things that the aliens need for their intergalactic empire?

Am I wearing tinfoil tonight or what?

But then again, if I was a non human race, I would trick the inhabitants of any planet in my reach into gathering for me the things I need.. Perhaps that is what we are, and perhaps the religions that we believe in are for their ends.

They plant a few guys that can do some miracles in this dimension.. and trick all humanity into gathering all gold and precious stones into one place and call it a bank..

I suspect that Satan is a multi dimensional being who has entered the bloodline of humanity.. and exists in the center of the Rothschild's power.

I figure.. That is what we are up against.. Creatures from another star system..

That is what is in back of the NWO.

The only way to beat them is with prayer.. That is the only way to effect positive change in this multidimensional conflict.

Anything other than prayer is the wrong tool.. Prayer is the way to warp the fabric of time and events unforseen.

Merry Christmas.. And yet, Jesus may have been a plant from another star system too.. But that's O.K. with me, because I like that system's reasoning, and ethics.

Beam Me Up.. Scotty!... And To All A Good Night
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