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Default Re: Tesla Technology Down Under?

Hey TLT how goes it.

Listen up fra_nothing and friends. I will leave this forum permenantly if this crap keeps up.

fra_nothing...keep to your own incoherent threads and i will keep to my relevant posts.

If you dont, out of sheer spite, when i leave, i am going to contact Wayne Prime, an NCO lecturer in Military Intelligence based in Kunundra North Queensland and fax him your comments on using baling wire to wreck part of the U.S electricity grid...which he will pass onto his contacts in Military Intelligence in the U.S. who will pass it on to the Department Of Homeland Security.

That is a promise I will keep as God is my witness.

Trust me fra_fuckwit. The intelligence services are very bored and eager to write up daily reports justifying their existence. Especially when it comes to Mentally Ill persons such as yourself who are ACTUALLY who the authorities most fear...copycat terrorists with to much time on their hands.

When they arrive at your door your petulance will suddenly disapear. You will react like the raving lunatic you are and a psychiatric detention order issued and you can sun yourself in a L.A nut house for a few weeks.

You are a Meth dealer who supports himself through drugs. You can be easily traced and deserve to be.

I sware by God i will do this and i will ask to be informed of your reaction when they appear at your door. I will happily post a report here. You are a genuine danger to public safety and I have not the slightest ethical qualms about reporting you to a government agency.
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