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Default America profits from drugs.

I have come to the conclusion that the only people who get busted are competition. Like Alcohol drugs cannot be controlled and the only solution to destroying any black market is legalization. America makes billions of dollars which are used for everything from military spending to other costs or lining the pockets of the CIA. It is only logical to assume that they import the supply of North Americas coke from Columbia. which is why they crack down on Canada and Mexico for marijuana. Every time it is brought up in government up here our politicians are pressured into not legalizing including threatning our economy. Drugs really aren't that bad if you can get from a safe clean source Marijuana up here has been prooven to be quite benificial. Cocoa,LSD,Mushrooms,MDMA,Ibogaine and others have many benifits not only psychologically but physically as well.

I know right away people will say "What about our kids?". Well Regulation is the answer i mean we don't ban automobiles or alcohol just because a minor might get a hold of them but at least it will be more difficult to obtain. retailers would ask for ID as where street people do not. the conspiracy is that 1) they do not have a pharma logo on them and 2) the U.S. government relies on drug money to keep the economy afloat. Drugs could be taxed and the money put into proper educational programs and not propaganda "this is your brain on drugs" because let's face it the ads do not work. usage is higher and so is demand. As long as there is a demand their will be a supplier. by eliminating the crime aspect you would not see gang violence due to drug money because you eliminate the black market.

Legalization and regulation are the keys to a safer and more peaceful and stable society with ciolent gangs losing their main revenue a drop in crime will happen i guarentee it.

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