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Default Re: Club conspiracy is closing????

Unfortunately, It may be a good thing that Henry closes down this place.

Because most of you people require modertation. An unmoderated environment like this is self desctructive for most of you.

The gerbil is the most harmless as he just babbles along. But the likes of Barbara and others are prone to spread hate propaganda and at times even reach the point of proposing genocide.

And then there is "Blue Angel" and her charachter assasinations, especially of Bruce Springsteen. I am amazed the the self restraint that Mr. Springsteen has shown in not taking legal action against this site and against her as she is nothing more than a cyber stalker. It is unfortunate that this site is her venue to continue with her schizophrenic activities.

Henry, thank you for the freedom, but perhaps the time has come to put the guests back into their rooms.
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