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Default Re: Who is the Real Enemy ?

Peace Freeman,

"3)The best way to defeat these evil forces is to resist "feeding the bear" any more than necessary. (Perhaps this is where Ahmad's "submission theology" comes into play.)"

Very well said Freeman, as i have always said it, the answer is within not without. Every individual is capable of deafeating Satan, once he realizes that ONLY GOD HAS POWER and stop pursuing the illusion. And by the illusion here i mean what is visible, for example someone who pursues his sinful lusts like paid sex, would never reach happiness because he is after the wrong source!, while if he realized that ONLY GOD can grant him this happiness, he will start pursuing the legal channels (e.g: marriage) which ofcourse must be based on common faith and thus God will grant him or her the "meaning" e.g: love through marriage.

So Satan's followers are all in continous pursual of a mirage, that could never grant them any meaning or feeling, only God can grant happiness. While Satan's kingdom is void of meanings.

You may think that this is just another theory, however i believe 100% in its truth, i believe this message is from God, God sent us guidance so that we could defeat Satan, it's up to us to follow this guidance or turn away!

In all sincerity, i believe that those who worship Jesus, Muhammad, their religious scholars, or dead saints are pursuing the same mirage, i don't say that to insult or critisize, i say it out of love for all the people who are duped by Satan to follow POWERLESS creatures instead of the one and only God.

May God guide us all to His straight path.

Ahmad Nishi Toba
God\'s alternative, USN

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