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Default Re: Is VISA the 666 Mark?

"" Is VISA the 666 Mark?
I have thought for some time that our credit score (average) is the Mark of the Beast. ""

Ya know, that satan is a crafty dirtbag and there will be things done to confuse us about the truth of the matter.

Do you actually think, that The Lord cares about some stinking barcode or similar silliness like your credit score? [ I do think there are 666 clues around us, that point to things related to the beast, but the beast is a political entity ]

What I've found is, that the Mark in the head, is about how you think about something, and the mark on the hand, is about your labor.

You must keep in mind, that there are people working on "sunday" laws, where no work shall be done on sundays at all, and to add to that could be WORK [ as in mandatory ] on saturday [ the real sabbath ]. Why does that matter? Do you recall the commandment to keep the sabbath holy? Yeah, I'm fully aware of what "the church" has done to change that, but what they've done is not scriptural at all....we are no better off now, than they were when martin luther posted his note on the church door.

People violating either one will be subjected to whatever screwed up law that will exist at that time. right now, it is an option...but in the future, it will be law, and for those who know the scriptures, the day of being tested for your faith will have arrived!

I think the v-chip is probably a clue, but I don't think the Lord will condemn you for wanting to earn a living and eating, but on the other hand, the state loves to punish people for violating screwed up laws. So I think that screwed up sunday laws and accompanying labor laws that force people to rest on the 1st day of the week, sunday, and also labor on saturday, the real sabbath [ which we all should be honoring ] is going to be the real test of what we are made of when it comes to honoring Gods law.
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