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Default Re: Is VISA the 666 Mark?

Originally Posted by AALEYAH View Post
I rarely come across a post on a forum that actually makes me think.
Yours has just done that.

Thank you.
Your welcome.

You will find this interesting then.

(October 3, 2008) Just a week ago, it looked like MasterCard Inc. was about to win a battle in its ongoing debit card war with market leader Visa Inc. MasterCard stalwart Citigroup Inc. had struck a deal to buy, with help from the government, most of struggling Wachovia Corp.ís banking assets
This latest twist, should it overcome reported objections from Citi, follows the earlier announcement by United Kingdom-based Royal Bank of Scotland that it would convert its MasterCard debit portfolios in the U.K. and U.S. to Visa, and a transaction engineered by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. in which Visa-leaning JPMorgan Chase & Co. bought the banking assets of the failed Washington Mutual Inc.
Excluding PIN-only ATM cards, Wells will have an estimated 25 million network-branded debit cards once the deal closes and will strengthen its hold on the No. 2 debit issuer spot behind Bank of America Corp.
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