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Default Re: Iraq was L'Aquila earthquake's target

Originally Posted by Algebra View Post
I dont buy in to the whole artificial earthquake theory. How is it possible? The amount of force needed to create an artificial earthquake would be immense. Lets say you shift the techtonic plates using explosions of some kind. The blast would have to be so big that it would appear as an earth quake its self on seismographs.

This isnt a subject im hot on so if you have any further suggestions please enlighten me.
Scalar weapons, HAARP, Magnetism...take your pick. The governments technology is 50-60 years ahead of what we are actually aware of. Here are a couple of sites to check out.

Project Camelot | Welcome

Jeff Rense Program
Guess life is like a mushroom, they feed you bull and keep you in the dark!!
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