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Default The Army Again

Well it happened last night. "Sgt. Blowhardt" called and asked for my daughter. This took me completely off guard, pushed all of my rightous anger buttons and launched me into the completely incoherent rage stage. I said "I have two words for you, depleted uranium". He then predictably replied Uh huh, what? Then I said "you ain't getting my daughter" and I then hung up the phone. Later I began to ponder all of the other things I could have said.
Why should I support my daughter going into the military? Well it's patriotic.
Yeah but the United States is dead, didn't you hear?
Well yeah, we arrest six year olds, taser grandmothers and nine year olds. We pay 50% of our income to the government so they can give it to Dick's company for work not performed while our economy is about to collapse.
Even from a purely business point of view America is on a downhill slide just like the product life cycle curve. Would you invest in a company that makes 8 track players?
Then Sarge might say "But we are offering college tuition assistance of 20,000 dollars".
Ya, so what, that ain't getting her into a real school and that depends on if, and this is a really big if, she actually gets out of the military when you people say she will. I doubt it.
Then he might say "I can't believe you feel nothing for your country".
Ya, well it ain't my country anymore, it belongs to George and all his other yuppie assholes.
So I told both of my daughters that if they call again just give me the phone. I want another opportunity. Maybe next time I can control the fury.

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