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Default Jewish Involvement In The Early Computer Hacking Scene


"In The Realm Of The Hackers" - YouTube VIDEO

Available Google Video.

Google Video Link

There is MUCH, MUCH, MUCH, MUCH more to this story than meets the eye.

Focuses on 3 Oz - Melbourne - hackers who were the original bad asses of the hacker underworld.

These guys were breaking into all the top joints including NASA where they delayed a launch.

These guys were also HEAVILY from the Melbourne Jewish community. Some from the hard core Zionist community. One, "Phoenix", went to the most Orthodox Jewish school in Melbourne. His family were hard core Zionists and he boarded in Israel.

They had links to a German hacker "Pengo" who was selling computer data to the Russians. He and his partner Erich Koch turned themselves in to the West German police. Koch was later found dead and partially burned in a German forest.

These guys were brash. They were cocky. They were working for someone. Perhaps unbeknownst to them. Israeli Intelligence comes to mind.

I note the author of the book "Underground" (which the doco is based) is Jewish - Suelette Dreyfus. She has studied in England, Oz and the U.S. She is WELL connected. :-)

The book is available online and is a must read.

You will EASILY connect the dots when you read the book.

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