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Default Re: The Mind of GOD.

Jesus said to never call to someone "oh you cursed fool", because if you cannot forgive your fellow man for his ignorance, you will not be forgiven of your own.

It is so hard to fit these ideals in an age like this, but we must try.

Men who are evil cannot be forgiven for this, because everyone knows what wrong and right is on a basic level, so there is no ignorance involved, just evil.

Oh no, forgiveness is not for everyone. Who is to think that a vile man is to be rewarded for his sins, just by asking for forgiveness? That being he was relieved of his ignorance. But then what is the meaning of righteousness? And how are those who have toiled through gauntlets to become righteous, rewarded? And those who have chosen the path of evil have chosen their fate.
Are vile men rewarded for their weakness? Look at the natural ways. And un-watered flower will wither and die!
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