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Default ID cards: Coming to your country soon!

This is a true horror story and far more horrific than something like 9/11. This will affect everyone and ultimately enslave everyone. Itís more than just a card because it has a massive database behind it and this database will be tracking your every move. Your laws will alter to make things illegal that you had never considered a crime and 'offenders' will be caught. Every piece of data will be matched against every other piece to ensure you follow a path that is so straight and so narrow that living in a prison would have more freedom than maybe 10 years down the line.

Australia had a card introduced called the Australia Card but it was rejected by about 3/4 of the people and now they are reintroducing the idea. Britain is currently fighting like mad to bring the system down and we had five Lords rejections before they offered a compromise to make it compulsory after the general election, giving us a couple of years to build up the troops. America is introducing a system at the same time as Britain and China is doing similar stuff. This fight is international so here is a warning if you thought it was another countryís problem. Be prepared.

Here is the protest group I help to contribute to. All the details are here for you to check out.

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