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Default Re: Satan's Demons Attacked Me Last Night!

Fugitive wrote:
It has come to my notice that satan wants to take me out. I fled my home state to escape Satan and his henchmen. But now it seems Satan has found me!!
It is my beleif some here are henchmen for Satan . They obviously tipped off satan's goons, who attacked me last night. They jumped me and after giving the satanic hand sing, hit me with golf clubs and beer bottles. One of these dezinens of evil hissed into my ear "were gonna kill you, you ***damned Christer! You should have NEVER left the Master!" they then pummelled me into uncounsciousness.
Praise Jesus, an ambulance came and took me to the hospital. I have my suspicions of the individual or individuals who tipped Satan's henchmen off to where I was hiding. It is obvious they fear a true Christian whom their wicked Master can not make obedient through fear and intimidation.
I just want you satanists know you won't succeed. Your Master is allready defeated by the Blood of the Cross, and you will not silence me. Before I am done I will rip the cover of darkness you hide under to sheild the world from your vile plans of perversion, human sacrafice, pedaresty and the legalization of pedophillia. You should be ashamed of yourselves!
I also know many of you are the real force behind that sickening group, the North American Boy Man Love Association. When i am done, everyone will know its a front for Satanists who are disgusting pedophiles. You can't keep the truth down, were going to expose you and there will be no where for you servants of darkness to hide!
I had a Qlippoth attack a few times. One time I saw a dark man crawling down my ceiling, he tried to strangle me with my pillow.

I punched him, and he left.

Another time I saw some demons come into my room. They woke me up when I was asleep. But I wasn't awake. I was awake when I was dreaming.

He was growling at me. It made me mad, so I punched him.

But I found that I could extend my arms longer than when I was awake. So I started strangling him. He was trying to bite me. But he was only hitting my arms that were extending further than my arms. Then they left.

They make me so mad when they come. They try to disturb me. But I go on the war path, because they make me so mad.

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