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Default Re: A Few Thoughts Concerning Justgroovy Our Moderator

Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
Talk about a flash from the past.

Fra-Nothing and Leonardo, one in the same as Ozzie suggested?

Those were the days, my friends..

I thought they'd never end...

We'd sing and dance forever and a day...

It was the life we choose...

We'd fight and never lose...

Those were the days...

Oh, yes, those were the days....
Yeah, I think my Jupiter was in retrograde today. I wasn't even born in 1957. Heck, I wasn't born till a long time after.

I don't understand it, what is my affinity for the 50s? Am I really that bored with my generation?

I can't STAND IT ANYMORE! I wanna go to the sockhop and swing dance to the rock n roll, man!

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