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Default Re: Zeitgeist Movie Refuted

Originally Posted by Out of the Box View Post
Several of these religions have NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with the "Illuminati".

Yes and my penis in 1000 inches long.... Come on you know you need to explain and provide further evidence to persuade but again your not doing that.

Anyway, they used Catholicism for their agenda, just like they used other religions deemed fit.... For example, Christian-fundamentalist protestantism in the US is (ab)used to gain support for Israel.

Another weak claim it keeps getting weaker. How did they use catholicism for what agenda. How? Explain further. Where and when was it used? What event? Who orchestrated? What reason motivation YOU PROVIDE NO INFORMATION AT ALL!

Today, there use a concept called "democracy", with selected individuals for charade elections. It gives the masses the illusion of freedom and choice while in fact they're run by an oligargy.

Democracy is a very complicated system to run and infiltrate and there is always the danger that sooner or later people are figuring everything out. You aren't really using your brain no are you? Have you ever wondered what an immense input it requires to fool the people this way and to keep politicians constantly quite. Its just a temporary thing to show the people that a elected government isn't working (anticipating on the financial collapses and outbreak of WW3) and then they go back to dictatorship.

What a load of nonsense.

What a load of nonsense to suggest a complicated analysis of a secret conspiractol future worl religion is a load of nonsense without providing any furher argumentation.

For most of our history, Catholicism has been the oponent of those you call "Illuminati". While it is not impossible it was orriginally founded as a way to turn man away from his orriginal pagan religion, Catholicism certainly turned against the Jewish/Templar elite during the Middle-Ages. It is only since the 19th century that these people graduately got a hold of the Vatican.
And I suppose the babyeaters that fight the womanrapers are any better then the womanrapers. You obviously are not getting the point at all what I am trying to say.
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