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Default Re: Where does the Vatican fit in?

What a shame...all we get to choose from are a neo pagan-psuedo Christianity into sodomy, or a dry and dead and VERY boring Protestantism which seems to have turned itself into a rock and roll/network marketing scheme. Promising salvation AND a good return on your investment.

Hmmmm...i pick...hmmm...

Is it possible we must have a personal relationship with Christ as the mediator to the Unknowable God? Cut out the middle man? ie: the priest? Then we can actually start doing Gods work and stop paying simple lip service? What are the tools then to hear Gods voice?

The old story...the young Rabbi says to the old Rabbi - "Old Rabbi, why does no one hear the word of God anymore?"..."Because my boy, no one will stoop low enough to hear it".

I wish Christians in general would take their service to God more seriously rather than the weekend sing song and behaving like glorified social workers.
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