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This morning I put the radio on as usual and hear something that has been on my mind for the past two hours: School Patrol Officers with stun guns. In the next town ('Pinellas Park' highschool) an officer used a stun gun on a student who is (and admitted he is) suffering from being bi-polar.
The student had gotten into an argument and really wanted to be "heard". He was angry. What was it about? Teen stuff. He had an argument with a girl. SO here comes the officer with his stun gun. Zap. I'll catch the rest of the story later this evening. But my concerns are: and you guessed it----stun guns in the wrong hands (and I mean the hands of the "authorities"). I'm not a cop, someone tell me: stun guns on students?? If you've ever been to this area, the police will use the stun gun on little old ladies who didn't bring back the grocery cart.

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