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Default Re: Who is the Real Enemy ?

Same shite, different day

And there's that story about the monkeys on the Pacific Isles somewhere. This is a real story.

There was a monkey who figured out how to open a coconut. Some of his buddies followed suit quickly and learned. Others were slower on the take. And...

Monkey's on differing islands were figuring out the same principle. And...

Mystically, miraculously, there came a point when that magic 100th monkey learned the secret and this created an entire shift in consciousness.

All the monkeys on all the islands just knew that you smashed a coconut on a rock to open it up...

Good ol' Henry is starting a shift in consciousness whether he knows or not... I'm sure he does. Or at the very least, he, like many of us, has prayed for just such a thing.

For people to wake up and recognize the truth.
If you live a lie, you are easily conned.
If you follow the truth, as it flows from your compassion and understanding...

One thousand years of peace could be possible...
Not the same shite, not the same day

Iraqi women cry and pray
Begging God for just another day
When a page in history turns
Ignorance will certainly learn
The truth will be forall to see

mary XXX

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