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Default Re: What Is The Meaning Of LIFE?

Life is meaningless.

Life itself has no meaning.

There is no meaning to life.

This thread is full of - "whatever" in life
along the lines of what life means.
However, I hold that life is "meaningless".

Nearest I can figure, from knowing to myself,
is we "could" self exist in ourselves and go on being.

The main stumbling block appears to be,
managing for ourselves - one to another.

Not managing for ourselves - one to another,
is where all our problems with one another are.

We would also have to manage - being -
within ourselves as well.

Can't handle it "inside" of ourselves
then we would have no "basis"
to handle it "outside" of ourselves.

That would have to do with "in" life.

Life starts out from - we aren't anywhere in life.
We haven't been yet.
Whatever we go on to in life, has yet to be.

Life itself, appears to be "meaningless".
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