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Default Re: What Is The Meaning Of LIFE?

The only answer i can give to that is to love. Thats the only true emotion i believe. Well i suppose its the most positive emotion but it's the most powerful emotion. Thats what the people in power understand so we all fight against each other and don't stick together. Back to the question, to love and be loved back. I think the hippies kinda had it right. They just didn't quite progress coz were way too high i would guess. They did see the true meaning of life tho. Not the materialistic magazine life that i live. We all fight and disagree with each others points of view and as long as that happens there will always be wars and poverty arround the world. The thing that drives me crazy is.. if i seen someone starvin i would take them in and feed them. I don't have a lot but i have a basic human emotion that trys to help others. Don't get me wrong, i don't roam the streets of London giving my change to the homeless. But if i seen someone really suffering i would try to help them. And most ordinary people would do the same. But tell me why there are people in this world with trillions ov dollars, and we have so much poverty in the world. Why would you need a trillions of dollars?? People like me would give the little we have to help someone suffering. The Rothschild family have trillions of dollars and there are people in the world suffering. What it comes down to is that basic emotion, love. These people do not feel this trough their fear of losing control. These are the questions everyone should be asking i think. Why do we allow people to be so wealthy that it controls everything we do in our daily lives. Believe me these are the people pulling the strings. Presidents, prime minsters are just the front men, the fall guys if you like. Nations are like companies. Companies hire people to do the talking. At the end of the day if a country wanted to do something that would upset the bankers, they wouldn't be lent any MONEY, hence the bankers are the ones in control.

Ok i've rambled on enough, feel free to message me if you have anything to say. I'm always open to new ideas and would be happy to exchange points of view with people

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