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Default Re: Impending Nuclear Attack On America

SUITCASE BOMB....oh the old suitcase bomb! Ah now theres a scam that never gets old.

Makes me want to watch "Wag The Dog" as Dustin Hoffman comes up with the Nooklar suitcase bomb in Canada scenario.

In all seriousness...they will have to set something off on U.S soil soon. I thought they might back off but they seem a little desperate.

It must be great to be an analyst with the CIA...what with all the terrorists speaking so plainly over the phone...and giving it all up over the e-mail never sensing that the Great Satan is watching.

Amazingly, with all the warnings of the "inevitable"'s never enough to actually CATCH the evil doers before they do it.

I just watched a news report where someone actuality had the nerve to say...quote..."some people are saying that it's time to get tough with "known" extremists in the U.K who have trained with Al Quida"...end quote...excuse me? They forgot to get tough then with "known" terrorists? Forgot to arrest them? So "known" terrorists are wandering the streets while goat herders rot in Guantanemo? Do these people even know what they're saying? Seriously. It's surreal.
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