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Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
I don't spread disinformation.

I spread truth.

How's this for truth?

You are one sick puppy.
Sick? HA HA HA HA...I've never been better in my life. You're just mad because I don't carry any illusions.

Besides, dosen't it strike you that my behavior is totally consistent with the Tanahk, the New Testament and the Koran? In both, their "God" kills his enemies and tortures them. The only difference is that for now, I am a mortal.
I would think you would be congratulating yourselves. Haven't i learned my lessons well? Everyone says this "God" is "good", and yet He plainly states he tortures and kills his enemies. Why, I am just following "God's" example!

Let's be honest. All your Holy Books plainly say that a person in my position will be "sent to Hell" if their side wins. Apparently, it is evil for me to wish to kill my enemies and torture them, but for their God to torture me for eternity is ok. Shall I qoute you about the "Lake of Fire", where the "fire dieth not" ?
Shall I mention the flood? The fire and brimstone of Sodom and Ghemorrah? The genocide of Canaan ? Pah-leeeze.

You're Holy Books and your society has taught me one thing, if nothing else: the powerful do as they will. Whether it is a guy who kills his wife and gets off even though their is TONS of forensic evidence linking him to the crime (O.J Simpson) or it is a Diety who kills everyone on the planet but three people on a boat, the overwhelming evidence proves that fact.
By what right did you have to nuke Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Power. By what right did you have to starve Iraqi children and bomb them? Power. By what right did you have to steal people from their homeland and make them you're slaves? Power. All this handwringing just hides the truth. Power is what makes a man a God and a criminal innocent.
So now I am the bad guy for learning this lesson so well? I am the bastard for having observed it and emulating what you do and not what you say? None of you cried crocodile tears when they were waterboarding the assess of the dudes in Gutanama Bay. No, most of you were behind it. Not many of you protest the oppression of the Chinese people, because you like cheap goods. The fact is for all you're posturing you are hypocrites!

Prove me wrong. When has morality stood in the way of us or anyone else powerful getting their way? Do you think we have a class system for nothing? Do you really believe the Police protect the poor as well as the wealthy? Please! Those have eyes to see and ears to hear, see and hear.
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