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Smile How Philosophy Overcomes Propaganda

How Philosophy Overcomes Propaganda

In this essay, we'll explore how the embodiment of the Perennial Tradition 1 called philosophy overcomes indoctrination, brainwashing, and conditioning. Every advanced teacher within the Perennial Tradition has provided insight into how false communication--propaganda, lies, deception, and mind-control--can be defeated.

Of all the varied embodiments of the Perennial Tradition, Plato's writings constitute the most potent, comprehensive, and detailed exposition of that tradition still extant. Through study of Plato's works, we'll discover how philosophy overcomes falsifying, indoctrinating communication.

"Plato's is . . . a philosophy of catharsis, ascent, realization, transformation of the way of feeling, of willing, of acting. Plato uses philosophy as a method for raising us above the conflict-ridden and contradictory world of the sensible to the harmonious world of Being, which is our original home."
Raphael, Initiation Into the Philosophy of Plato

The Mild-Mannered Socrates

To the unaware, Plato's dialogues appear to be mere verbal discussions of philosophical terms by Socrates and his fellow participants.

They're actually disguised dynamos containing hidden potency: fundamental realities constitutive of human existence, such as goodness, beauty, and virtue (truth, justice and the American way included).

Plato's writings help us to understand that the chasm between us and arcane reality is not entirely bridgeable by ordinary sensation. Naive realism assumes that we see, hear, feel, touch, or taste this reality and thereby know its true and complete essence. This view fails to take into cognizance the many "filters" between us and the enigmatic reality.

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