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Default Re: Are the Masons evil?

This is from a yahoo answer, so who knows who is telling the truth, however this answer seems much more likely than what you have said. Also if King James had been a Mason why would he be happy with a translation that would be in conflict with Masonic teachings

From Yahoo answers: to the question was King James a Mason?
Wow, I feel like I need to put on my chest waders for stepping into this swamp...
King James was not a Mason, the fraternity was not officially established until almost a century after his death. The actual working guilds of stonemasons, and certain intellectual circles that eventually came together to create the Masonic fraternity, did exist in James' lifetime, but it is highly unlikely a king would have been involved with commoners of this kind in his time.

There is no "Masonic M hand sign". If you care to research art history, you will find the explanation for paintings, statues, (and later posed photographs) exhibiting this configuration of the hands has to do with proportion and directing the eye to focal points of the work. The technique dates back far beyond Freemasonry existing.

Masonry does not have or perform oaths, charms, devilish or black arts nor astrology. Masonry has an obligation, which is different than an oath. Charms, astrology, etc. are superstitions that defy reason as well as the Word of God, and are offensive therefore to every Mason.

Masonry cannot be demonstrated to hate King James. He was dead before Masonry even existed. The Bible he commissioned, The King James Version, is the one Bible held by EVERY Masonic Lodge in the world, no matter where the Lodge resides or the religious make-up of its members.

The information I have provided you is accurate and factual. I don't care what your site says. If it says otherwise about Masonry or how it relates to James himself, it is wrong.

Although the guy is not telling the truth about the oaths etc. My point is here is another Mason saying the opposite. Where did you get that King James was a Mason.

Again he did not translate the Bible but commissioned learned men to do so.
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