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Default Re: The Norwegians are right!!!!!

Draken wrote:
No, I didn't turn it into a representation of an evil force. I QUESTION wether it might be a representation of an evil force. Big difference, at least for me.
BTW, the so-called "Texas Longhorn's" sign is made with the little finger and the THUMB stretched out, NOT little finger and index finger. So you see, it really isn't about football! Question is: what IS it about?
That's the California's "Hang Loose" sign if I recall correctly the meaning of that gesture. The UofT "horned" gesture isn't just about football, it's the symbolic representation of a Longhorn cow, commonly founded in Texas and the plains.

I don't know why the connotation of a Satanic association with that "horned" gesture was brought up. People of different views tends to make something out of nothing, if you know what I mean? Like seeing a great cloud hovering above and one could imagine anything out of it based on the merest resemblances.

Draken wrote:
Our own darkest corners of human nature IS WHERE EVIL RESIDES. God has given us free will to CHOOSE between Good or Evil, BOTH of which we have the potential of WITHIN us.

Hence, I totally agree with you, although I have a feeling you will misunderstand me. ;-)
Oh, I understand you just fine. We all have different takes on something out of nothing. ;-)

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