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Default Re: Bush The Messiah?

I hear you Ozziecynic. At this point I'm really not so interested in views on the hand gesture- we've established where everyone stands on that- I'm just curious about alumbrado reference to Lucifer as an "Angel of Light"-- which, I believe is how he is referred to from those in the occult. So, perhaps I am incorrect but it would appear that alumbrado, by his own words (and avoidance of the questions) may hold an allegiance to Lucifer. Please don't get me wrong, I'm not out to prove anything I'm just interested to hear what alumbrado has to say for himself.

So alumbrado, what is your view of Lucifer? What positive or negative things do you have to say about him? I'll tell you my view- I think he is sick in the head and is wrong with his views and actions. He is the heart of evil in this world and possibly in the universe. He thinks he is doing the right thing but he is not, nor are his minions. He thinks humans are a bad thing for the universe but he is wrong. Human are good creates, just like we were made to be. Our goodness is the weakness that he is abusing. Ironically, it is Lucifer who needs to learn Gods lesson of truth and love for all living creatures. This is what humans know and believe- this is why his plans have gone against human nature for all times. This is why his work has been discovered and why his efforts will ultimately fail. It's too bad he still insists on playing the game.

As for "Lucifer is Dr. Evil doing nefarious works somewhere on Earth"-- if there is one thing that I have learned it's that I don't know much so I do believe this is possible. Of course, occult members often toss out the bizarre truth and act like it's wacko- its part of the mind control programming to keep the sheep in line. Do I believe that Lucifer is somewhere on Earth? As usual, it doesn't matter what I believe, only the truth matters. There is certainly evidence to support this but I have no direct confirmation that this is accurate but since I recognize that I don't know much I don't discount the possibility of it.

Once again however, you toss out insults ("Paging Austin Powers"). Can we not stick with the issues? Why must you insist on trying to degrade people for some view point?

Whatever the case, it's all aright, I still love you alumbrado-- just note, mind games don't work on me anymore- I am an independent thinker and a free man that can bust threw a world of lies.
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