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Default Re: Is The Greenhouse Debate A Fraud? 4 meg WMV File

Who gains? Alot of people. Certainly another control..."look look we need a centralised government to save us from ourselves"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wait and see.

I know for sure that nuclear power is being heavily pushed. There is a big shit fight going on for Western Mining and their holdings of %38 of known uranium ore in the world here in Oz.

A big metals consortium out of Switzerland is trying to swindle it. The Oz governemnt is'nt impressed. Such lovely con artists like Mark Rich (Clinton pardon) are at it's head.

These are the real players close to the Central Banker heart over in Yodling country.

I'm going to do a little peice on the metal traders. They are the REAL movers and shakers who deal in REAL things that actually bring power.

They're based in Switzerland and are sheer evil though of course they will tell you they only represent conservative bankers.

Things are hotting up down under.

Glad you liked it.
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