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Hey YEO:

Depopulation agenda comes to us from different avenues. Those that are obvious-----but, we wouldn't think about it---such as your everyday habits of cleanliness/shower/baths using soaps, lotions, and one of the worst offenders is wearing clothes from the dry cleaners!! Biggie!!

People are so obsessed with nice smelling, that they spritz themselves up and down with a formula for disease and death, never thinking about what we are destroying.

Do you remember when Ivory soap, of all things, really got a bad rap about 20-25 years ago?
I remember an article in our local paper stating how "it is NOT gentle for a baby"!!! I stopped using it. This is not to say that the other soaps were any safer, but still, Ivory was mentioned -- so that's what you avoided.

Also, for example here in Florida---you can't run into someone without the person ending the conversation in "gotta go home and take a shower". You could be talking to clean-cut, bank teller, and sure enough--as you say your good byes she will tell you she can't wait to get home and take a shower.

I know this might sound silly to all of you, and I truly apologize, but here in Florida people are taking showers left and right-- and STILL look like crap. Each time I go to the local dollar store for body soap, detergent, and other cleaning products,---the shelves are almost bare!!! Regular grocery stores too. Chemicals, chemicals, deadly chemicals all over our bodies. I bet that video of teensy weensy microscopic living organisms on our body (that we can't see) doesn't look so bad after all!!

Yes, our bodies' functions are being put on hold, and truly 'sterility' in in the agenda.

What ever happened to FelsNaptha.
Anyone remember about Rangergord.
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