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Default Re: Military Base Closings!

Thomas Barnett..."The Pentagons New Map".

Understand what the Globalist wunderkind is on about and you'll understand why they are getting rid of the cold war relic bases.

The U.S arm of the imperialistic NWO based in Europe will be downsizing to small, rapidly deployable high tech rapid reaction forces.

Fast ship and air transportable.

A huge increase in "special forces" capability with a corresponding decrease in 'lumbering' army divisions.

Super secret assassination squads using 'deniable' private contractors (i prefer the more honest tag...mercenary).

Also...huge base moves to the NEW areas of interest. Away from South Korea and Japan (Kim Jong Ills been told...invade we nuke...thanks for coming) and into Australia...the current fave place for NWO adherents to hang out.

30,000 man Marine base plus fighter squadrons going in...pretty big news? Not here apparently...hav'nt heard a whisp of it in the mainstream media. Just over the West Oz border in the Northern Territory.

Watch Asia over the next year. Many interesting things will be happening including the shutting down of the drug trade their. Yes...just watch.

They appear to be doing a warm up in Africa.
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